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Making popsMeltdown began as an artisanal ice pop peddler in the spring of 2008. All operations took place in a salvaged 1971 postal vehicle that had been converted into an ice cream truck. Hinging on the success of the ice cream truck, a leap of faith was taken and the brick and mortar shop was opened in the French Quarter in August 2009. The ice pops are all hand made in house. All of our frozen confections are 100% natural and contain minimal ingredients.  Most of the ingredients are sourced locally. The menu changes as fruits come in and out of season. Our flavor profile has a lot of herbaceous combinations as well as creamy concoctions. Flavors you can look forward to finding in our shop are: pineapple basil, strawberry hibiscus, peach orange blossom, salted caramel, and vietnamese coffee, etc.